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The ART SHOW November 2011

Our Sponsors were: the Rotary Club of Kenilworth and the Holiday Inn Kenilworth

Holiday Inn Logo

It was a very successful Art & Design Craft Show: the rooms and main prize were sponsored by the Holiday Inn Kenilworth.


Winning Schools and winning students. Display of the St Johns pupils work -winning primary School
craft Anna & Tony and school art
Jola Higgs setting the design craft, donated to the Art & Craft Show. Jola donated the school and students' prizes.  

The organisers of the show in front of the

winning Secondary School -King Henry VIII School's

art and craft display.

The winning painting in the adult section
Crazy Kiln Design Art Kenilworth School's Design Craft

Crazy Kiln Stand, selling specially made Christmas craft.

They are a paint- your- own ceramic pottery studio.

You can find them on www.crazykiln.co.uk

In front Design Craft items-trophies designed by the Kenilworth Castle Sixth Form Students in their technology lessons.
John's Cleveland Cloollege students' design craft Clinton Primary School children's art

Craft designed and produced by the John Cleveland

College students.

"Firework" art display made by the Clinton Primary School pupils.
art work

art work


art work Jola Higgs and the craft donated to the Show
art work art work
art work art work
art work art work
art work art work
art work The president Tony and the organiser Anna
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